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China Construction Metal Structure Association And Scaffold & Access Industry AssociationLetter of I

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  China Construction Metal Structure Association and Scaffold & Access Industry Association, through negotiation and cooperation, agreed to jointly promote the development of construction scaffolding industry between both countries as follows:

  Article I.Purpose

  Through information sharing, mutual complementarity, and mutual benefit to achieve win-win situation.

  Article II.Cooperation

  (1) To establish a strategic and cooperative partnership between two countries through international training, study tours, visits;

  (2) To help each other to understand the international construction market needs, the new International engineering scaffold materials, new technologies, new equipment, and scientific management methods, and to organize academic and research exchanges between associations;

  (3) To organizebilateral cooperation and idea exchanges between the members of both associations;

  (4) To help the members of both associations to understand the building laws and regulations and the technical standards and specifications;

  (5) To address other issues of common interest through carrying out exchanges and cooperation.

  Article III. Forms of cooperation

  (1) Establish a working group that is responsible for the program of work and work plan development;

  (2) Exchangethe work of the association, product information and research results regularly;

  (3) Organize annual meeting to address and exchange view on mutual interests and issues.

  Article IV. Meetings and Activities Expenses

  Organizer is responsible for meeting site selection and arranges logistic services to ensure successful convening ofthe meeting. Representatives from the association will bear the cost of traveling and meeting expenses.

  Article V. Settlement of disputes

  Any problems that may arise in the interpretation and implementation of this letter of intent should be settled through friendly discussion.

  Article VI.Entry into force, duration and termination

  The letter of intent is signed in China on the day of _______________ 2014. A duplicate, written in both Chinese and English, are being equally authentic.

  TheLetter of Intentshall take effectfrom the date ofsignature, valid forfiveyears.After the expiration, if the two sides agree to continue, the letter ofintent is still effective. To terminate this letter of intent, either party must inform the other party 6 months in advance.

  China Construction Metal Structure Association

  Representative (signature)

  Date: _______________ 2014Scaffold & Access Industry Association

  Representative (signature)

  Date: _______________ 2014

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